​Brilliant Individualized Consulting

Your business is just like a diamond.  It has so many different facets.  And just like a diamond is graded initially from the top down by the naked eye, your business is graded upon immediate impression by the consumer.  How does your business appear?  Is it ‘BRILLIANT’, or are there imperfections that are making your ‘diamond’ look flat, lackluster, dull?   What grade would you give your business?  

Through our individualized consulting services, we can work together to determine what is stopping your team from performing brilliantly.  Upper level concepts of leadership, communication, systems, compensation, training, recognition all impact the performance of the team.  Selling skills, attitude, customer service, and client development skills all impact the customer experience.  Once we examine these, then we can develop a plan to fix it!  

Ask yourself—what could your team achieve if you put the right plan into action?  

How BRILLIANT can you be? 

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What We Do

Caliper Certified 

Capitalize on your team's potential--and yours--through the use of a scientifically proven assessment tool to predict success!

Excellent for use both in selecting future employees and for coaching & developing existing ones.

  EEOC and ADA approved

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Handbook Creation and Update

When was the last time you updated your handbook?  Our laws are changing rapidly and your handbook should too!

Issues like the use of social media, cell phones, confidentiality are huge issues.  States are changing their laws on many topics such as asking if an applicant has a prior conviction, minimum wages, and classifying an employee as 'exempt'.  

Contact us to discuss updating your handbook now.  Or, if you don't have one, we can make it for you!


Leadership Lab

Dedicate some time to develop your own leadership skills through a 45 minute/week interactive web room.  Facilitated by Susan, you will learn through interactions with your peers as we tackle an element of leadership every week—inspired by the Brilliant Model of a Diamond.

This is LIVE training delivered directly to you through your computer and a headset.  This is NOT death by powerpoint, or a webinar that you sit passively through.  
This IS interactive!  
This IS communication and sharing!
This IS learning and application!

Contact us to hear how you can attend the next session!

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Clean & Check Inspection Service

Ideal for when you simply want a little guidance to identify potential weaknesses within your Brilliant business model.  Supply us with a bit of preliminary information and we will customize a call to address the issues and make recommendations.  How often should you do this?  We recommend twice a year to ensure optimum results and prevent problems before they get too big.


Sales Training

Connect the dots by delivering the tools that your team needs to deliver a world-class experience to your customer.  Brilliant Sales Training are customizable training programs available for use either with Susan’s on-site training, or for you to deliver on your own.  

Choose either the basic sales process, or diamond/bridal selling—or both!  They are designed to complement each other to ensure consistency in the messages you are sending to your team about the skills necessary to deliver the standards you demand.

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